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1952 Hotrod Cushman

After a long search, we finally found the type of Cushman I wanted 50 years ago.  Of course, it didn't even exist back then as this one is almost new.  Our "crowd" as kids couldn't afford the Lambrettas and Vespas of the day but this Cushman is definitely a Lambretta "Killer."

It was made by RobCo of Pennsylvania in 2002 and is powered by a 10HP Tecumseh engine.  A comet clutch and 12V electrics were added for modern day convenience.  No start kicking for this scoot.  The paint was done in "Von Dutch" style and fishtails added for accent. 

With Brenda behind me clocking, we've been to 54MPH but shut down at that point.  These small tires are a bit worrysome beyond that speed as you can well imagine.  Never mind trying to stop it in a short distance.  It also took a day or two before my hands stopped tingling from the grip vibration at high speed.   Meanwhile, it was great owning the scooter road  looking for a rich kid on a Vespa!  No harm intended. 

Here's some pics below:

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