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Welcome!  This is our personal web site!  After years of business use, we've converted it to a place for our friends, family, and personal interests. 

We live in sunny, Yuma Arizona, said to be the hottest city in the country.  We invite you to take a look at what we think is an interesting collection.  While modest by most standards, we've tried to assemble the most unique and uncommon vehicles possible within our budget.  In recent years, we've included more orphan cars no longer in production.

As you may conclude, we spend a lot of time at car and bike events.  If you are a car "guy" (gender neutral title), then you know how many spectators once had whatever it is you are showing (and want to tell you about it).  We have focused on what we actually have now rather than bore everyone with what was "once" our property.  Some of our old stuff is on the "Friends and Family" page but our current collection is sitting outside wanting something now!  Let's talk about them!

Until recently, we usually forgot to take pictures at home or at events.  We're making a point of taking more this year to make our site more interesting and ever-changing.   

Because accessories add to car showing, Paul has selected a few exotic items for research.  While by no means authorative, you may find reading about them interesting.  In each case, we have at least one of each type for use in shows.  You may notice them spread about in our other vehicle pictures. 

Please visit our guestbook, if you'd like, and let us know you've been by!   We may also be reached through this email link.  (Note:  If the email link you get has a "+" sign at the beginning, take that out of the address)

New:  We do not appraise items described on our site.  This would give us undue influence on market conditions.  We suggest googling eBay or subscribing to Worthpoint to get current values.  Sorry but we simply hope to help interested parties learn about common interests.

Thanks! - Paul & Brenda
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